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  • Intan Wangge

    Fox Movies - Break-Free Campaign: The Matrix

  • Hailey Peek

    FOX International Channels Middle East: "By tearing out the promotional ads that split the movie scenes in two, we demonstrated the benefit of 'break-free' movies" Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Olivier Le Lostec

    Fox Movies: Matrix Reloaded - No commercial breaks

  • Stefanie Pichlmayer

    // Fox Movies Campaign. No commercial breaks. By Leo Burnett (Dubai).

  • Liza Smith

    homadge - ads I like!: Fox Movies print ads (Dubai)

  • . *filo* .

    brillant print campaign for #fox "break- free" movies. "double-page spreads of movie scenes from the "break-free" time slot. By tearing out the fake promotional ads that split the movie scene in two, we demonstrated the advantage of watching a movie without commercials." | by #LeoBurnett

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