murphy bed / sofa / shelf.

I've posted this before, but am reminded of how much I love this idea. Definitely considering it. Bed/sofa. Love this!

Revolving Bookcase/Murphy Bed

Murphy Beds are a great addition to any home. Add an extra bedroom without adding any square feet! Here's a look at how to get one installed in your home.

murphy bed frame

Space Saving Furniture...

What if your small space cannot accommodate a traditional bunk bed? Check out the Double Murphy Bunk Bed for your tiny home!

Sofa Bed. Like this design a lot. Much better than the sleeper couch at my parents' house.

Nuovoliola 10 | ResourceFurniture

Discover unexpected storage. | 31 Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space

Judging by my "house ideas" board my dream house will be full of spiral stair cases, hidden rooms, and odd beds...

I LOVE murphy beds. The newer models that incorporate a sofa into the design are genius! Someday...

Love the great use of space here. Think of all the usually wasted space under your bed that just collects dust and then think of all the seasonal clothes and gear you could store in that space.

Murphy BEDS for kids (CASA KIDS)

Murphy bed

Murphy beds in the play room for sleepovers.

space saving table