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The real truth of Rock, Paper, Scissors

i really like this

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No One Has Ever Looked As Good Dancing As The Adorable Toddler In This Video

Fari y Juanjo


One of the most beautiful sounds you’ll hear…

not sure why but this made me laugh really hard

Funniest thing ever

Funniest thing ever

Funniest thing ever


You may think you’re cool…

Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose


Random shopping carts…

Random shopping carts…so true!! My area is so bad the pushers run outta room and stacked the carts together on the side of the road. As if the poor grocery clerk would just come by and pick them all up! Oh man. We gotta move.


Plenty of fish in the sea…

Isn't that the truth! - So funny

my mom literally won't let me light candles in my room so don't buy me any

Im so over the shit talking. You will never say shit to my face, you will never even put yourself in a position to be anywhere near me for the simple fact that you are a little bitch and flat out scared. You could never hold an adult conversation because you are a child. All of this started because you got mad because your husband asked for his brothers advice.