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12 Most Awesome Works of Lip Art

Pop Art Lips 'KA POWell' Creative Lip Art Make-up by Karla Powell|For more makeup:|For more makeup:

Halloween Costume Ideas To Look Creatively Scary

H&aumi;xa.....the ultimate evil witch who tries to defeat Mariketa. Pale skin and black eyes with yellow in the middle. Used crows yo spy on Mariketa. Actually enchanted Bowen because Mariah wanted him and he never knew until the spell got lifted. More

I spent the night out with my dad enjoying the crazy thunder storm we had last night (the thunder was so loud I literally ducked in cover once or twice) and enjoyed the Lightning show that went on as well. Today is a bit stormy as well so as such it seemed appropriate to give this another look as its my favorite kind of weather.

Gothic makeup and hair pasty avant garde goth special fx |

Jimagine quil ne sagit pas de maquillage, je serais même presque prêt à suspecter un photomontage... En tout cas le résultat est sublime ! Bravo lartiste !

So, I'm going to be a unicorn for Halloween. Specifically, a murdery unicorn. A murdercorn. I want to go all out with this costume, including the makeup, but I could really use some help/advice in that area specifically.