Dump A Day Best Of, Texts From Dog - 25 Pics

Ever wonder what would happen if your dog owned a phone and could text you? This compilation of funny text messages from your dog is the best! Please SHARE with others if you enjoyed it too 🙂

texts from dog

hahaha Hoffman (i know you don't like the dog texts but this one made me…

If dogs could text…

Dog Texting Knock Knock Joke: Tell me a joke. No you don't understand human jokes. Oh sure because humans are so smart and dogs are so dumb.

A text message from dog owner, to dog...

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts - Lol! I love that the dog needs to bite due to the shorts.


A conversation between a dog and his owner. If your dog could text. So funny!

Barked at my own fart, bahahaha!

These are the 18 funniest text messages ever sent that will make you LOL. These funny text messages included funny texts from parents.