Turn an old door into decorative shelving.

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buy old door at a flea market specifically for this purpose, and fancy vintage doors can be crazy expensive! (They do have some other cool ideas on this page).

I like the use of the door as a backboard for the shelves…nice repurposing!

31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Ideas, Turn an old door into a bookcase

Turn an old red wagon into shelves. CUUUTE

From old door to beautiful catchall. Add some shelves or wire baskets as this one shows

old doors

Awesome way to reuse an old door. Unique picture frame. #DIY

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cut in half at 45's to make this corner shelf .... LOVIN' THIS!! <3

Antique door made into hall tree with handmade shelf and shutter shelf table.

love the shelf

crate shelving, good rustic decor

what a creative shelf

How to turn an interior door into a headboard.

Corner shelf from an old door. Simply cut the door in half and add hinges or nails, and shelves. Be sure to add a low shelf  near the floor to help stabilize and prevent tipping.

love this from an old door

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Rolling "barn doors" from regular doors

Island from door