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  • Shauna Hollman

    Old Piano Turned into a Garden Water Feature for how to find a grand piano CHEAP!!!...and where to put it :)

  • Dawn Raines

    Old piano turned into outdoor fountain (Idea by Bill Metzgar) This piano is an 1885 Steinway. It had really bad termite damage to the inner structure so yes, it was beyond repair. It was turned into a fountain for Bill's mom for Mother's Day. It has a 2000 gallon per hour pump in the pond and a flex hose from the pump up into the piano where a construction of pvc pipes was used to distribute the water across the keys. It was sealed with fiberglass resin.

  • Kathy La Hay

    Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain... Good idea or not? Rather then let this old grand piano go to waste, a creative soul has repurposed this beautiful instrument into an outdoor water fountain.

  • Just 3Ds

    You have an old piano? Don't throw it! Here's some ideas! ‪#‎oldpiano‬ ‪#‎design‬ ‪#‎pianofountain‬ ‪#‎musicainstruments‬ ‪#‎instrument‬

  • Megan

    Old Piano turned into outdoor fountain - Imgur, gardens, fountains, landscaping, flowers

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An old dilapidated piano continues to make beautiful music.

Wonder if Tony will mind moving the piano to the Garden to use as a fountain?

piano-waterfall-beautiful-garden.jpg 427×680 pixels

Piano in the garden, from Fine Gardening magazine. My friend has a junk garden with a toilet stool spilling over with petunias and a dining table she keeps set with china and a tablecloth to match the season.

How to Build a Concrete Fountain: Carving stone requires years of training, extraordinary skill and endless patience—or you can cheat and use power tools. -Overview -Selecting a stone -Getting started -Cut, chisel and grind the bowl -Cut the channel -Set the fountain stone

Repurposed piano fountain. source: Bérénice, flickr Repurposed piano fountain: I’m almost certain TLC would have included this piano in their “Waterfall” video. It’s definitely a work of garden art.

beautiful fountain... Inspires me to want to do something in the back corner of my yard (which makes me remember the waterfall and ponds my dad built in Las Cruces)

I love fountains...they make your garden sound so peaceful.

Who doesn't need a desk made out of an old piano? - What a great idea! (as soon as I find a free, old piano)

Piano water feature at the Philadelphia Flower Show's 'Jazz Garden' 2008 .  photo by Bérénice