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  • Shannon Bell

    it's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol. BEST SUMMER DRINK

  • Kelly Nichole

    cherry beer-garita ... sounds like the perfect beach drink!

  • Bryanna Stone

    #beerrita #alcohol #tequila #summer #beer #margarita #cherry #drinks #recipes

  • Sandy Jones

    Cherry beergarita "lounging by the pool" drink, hands down.

  • Victoria Phelps

    Best Summer Drink Cherry Beer Garita #Food #Drink #Trusper #Tip

  • Mollie Jackson

    It's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol... @Becky Sax we love our beer margaritas.. :P

  • debbie reichenbach

    It's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol...another yummy vaca cocktail option.

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Sig cocktail option for a spring or summer coral wedding. (Cheap too, cuz you can pick up the white zin at Costco!)

It's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol...OMG is it Friday yet so I can enjoy one!!!

Pineapple juice + orang juice + rum...need I say more?

Corona-Ritas In a pitcher, combine equal parts (use the limeade can to measure): Frozen limeade concentrate water Sprite tequila add one Corona Stir, serve, and be careful, ’cause these guys go down waaaay too easy!

Not so much a craft as a recipe, but.... finding things and putting them together without knowing quite how it will turn out. Close nuff.

Because sometimes, I may want to get the proportions right instead of blindly pouring large amounts of alcohol with whatever fruit-flavored beverage I can find.

Cherry Margaritas | via Annie's eats, photo via Flickr

Dirty Shirley Temple (though I'd go much lighter on the vodka and heavy on the grenadine - LOVE that stuff!)

peanut butter + nutella + crescent rolls (or chocolate instead of PB)..have to try!

2 oz. strawberry infused Svedka vodka | 2 oz. simple syrup | 2 oz. fresh lemon juice {or pink lemonade} | sparkling wine

Cocktail poster (download and print), 35 common cocktail mixes displayed.