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    Ryan Gosling acts out "Hey, Girl" memes. This is absolute gold.

    oh my gosh, i love him! ♥ more on f*** yeah, hey girl!

    I have died and gone to heaven. Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey, Girl"

    Ryan Gosling Gets Embarrassed by a Dish Towel so funny

    Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt singing. Knew she could sing but he's good

    If I wasn't before I am now completely in love with Ryan Gosling. Dying. So. Funny.

    Creepy cookie guy

    Haha, telling her dad to worry about himself and just drive!

    Guy dancing with an ipod in public! It will cheer you up I promise! I love him :)

    Funny LOTR dvd easter egg! I am crying!!! Elija woods has a hilarious laugh.

    Some days you just wake up awesome haha this is amazing!!!!

    OH my gosh too funny

    Still not impressed

    oh hey door



    Bye felicia !!!!!!!! and u know who I mean this to

    Ever wonder what happens when you inhale the opposite of helium? Inhale Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 WOAH!

    I'm positive I've posted this before, but I don't even care, it's so wonderful. Oh, and I just noticed that his language is set to "pirate" Haha :)

    liam's reaction to jennifer lawrences new haircut