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    I need one of these

    me driving the buggy LOL!!!

    The cat is not trustworthy either so funny so true

    garage/yard sales

    It’s Very Simple, Actually

    Do you know this International Hand Symbol? I do, my husband uses it every time we are out in the car.

    I need this sign in my house.



    I NEED This!


    Eating noises are my biggest pet peeve. I swear to god. Close. Your. Damn. Mouth. Do not talk with food in it!!!!

    Totally me!


    KOHL’S STAPLES DICKS Someone didn't read this before the sign went up? Really????

    Too funny

    I hate to be a grammar Nazi. But some of these are just obvious.

    lol when I was little I wanted to be a grown up so I could make signs like this

    This is SO me! haha

    They could at least give you a 50 yrd notice.