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Bioswale Diagram

stormwater management

Here is what a raingarden would look like in a parking lot. Wouldn't you love to see this in your nearest parking lot?


Rain Garden Collaborating with Sherwood Design Engineers, site drainage was integrated early into the architecture and landscape design. Seasonal rains are managed onsite through multiple rain gardens which collect and control storm water runoff from the roof, decks, and pool terrace. This system decreases on site erosion and possible flooding to the city’s drainage downstream from the project site.

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Downspout diverter to fill your rain barrel. $29.95

Flower Garden Designs And Layouts Garden Design Ideas

water framed by grey pebbles and geometric planting


Vertical Garden and Plant Selection

Living Wall - vertical gardens

I love the placement of each plant and how they're labelled so I can try to replicate the look.

Front or back raised flowerbeds so when they overflow with rain water it drains! Let the water sing.

Street Side Rain Garden Concept - if we have a hill...

GreenStone Garden - Landscape project on Behance

Very helpful in choosing plants for landscaping