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Bioswale Diagram

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Here is what a raingarden would look like in a parking lot. Wouldn't you love to see this in your nearest parking lot?

RainXchange rainwater harvesting & collection system diagram

Vertical Garden and Plant Selection


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Rain Garden Collaborating with Sherwood Design Engineers, site drainage was integrated early into the architecture and landscape design. Seasonal rains are managed onsite through multiple rain gardens which collect and control storm water runoff from the roof, decks, and pool terrace. This system decreases on site erosion and possible flooding to the city’s drainage downstream from the project site.

Rain Garden

Living Wall - vertical gardens. An example of the type of sustainable activity that could feature on Science Central

Stormwater planters are structural landscaped reservoirs used to collect, filter, and/or infiltrate stormwater runoff, allowing pollutants to settle and filter out as the water percolates through the planter soil before infiltrating into the ground below or being piped to its downstream destination. Click image for details & visit our Stormwater Solutions board >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/stormwater-solutions/

Permeable pavers and rain gardens, DEP green infrastructure grant, Queens College (image source: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/press_releases/11-46pr.shtml; hat tip: http://swimmablenyc.info/?p=1382)

Stormwater managed with a roadside wetland. Click image to enlarge and visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> https://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/

Bioswale concept diagrams // Diagrams by others

Lisa Orgler Design

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Simple urban rain garden. The openings in the curb and nice landscape make this stormwater management process a beautiful amenity. Located in Portland, OR.

STORM WATER MANAGEMENT (Infiltration & Recharge) - Rain Garden - Designed to drain quickly, will use typical landscaping plants & soils. Multiple small rain gardens operate better than on large rain garden. Typically used in Residential areas

Rain garden.