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sometimes i feel defeated, sometimes i feel like superwoman.

Dear Inspiration-- I dont know whether to cry or laugh at this quote! ---->> I cant tell if its killing me or its making me stronger. Feels like this has been the story of my life for a long time, but you have to stay strong no matter what.

This makes me sad because I'm kind of drifting away from some of my friends and they don't seem to notice....

Sometimes, you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand.

Through Jesus I'm Getting stronger.

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I love my job - however.I still have to go to work tomorrow!

sigh.... I love pinterest. It's who I talk to.

Emotionally : I'm done. Mentally : I'm drained. Spiritually : I feel dead. Physically : I smile. # Quotes time to get help if you feel like this

At some point your have to choose to move on from your grief and no longer allow the sadness to control your life.  This doesn't mean you have forgotten or betrayed your child--it just means that you have chosen to live in joy and celebrate your baby even though you are devastated by their loss.

You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my


Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else, because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate. Yup, i need to remember that. Don't worry Katie, you'll find out soon enough that you are the less fortunate now.

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Every time I think about you I have to remind myself that if you wanted to talk to me you would. - people make time for things /people they want.


And there it is. If I cut you off chances are, you handed me the scissors. I don't put up with fake people, liars, backstabbers, and people that love to cause drama and gossip. If you are my friend expect only loyalty.

kill with kindness is what my mother always says.

"The Best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer." -- so true, although those that watched me suffer when I needed help and did nothing but bail I hope you get yours!

This message should be sent to every guy that thinks he's nice while acting like douche

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hahaha or any guy that whistles at you really. In the words of Adele: "You are a lady, not a dog.

If you want someone in your life stop pretending you don't and don't push them away. It doesn't help. If you love them do not stop loving them. God knows the truth and he will help you. Your love only seem tough right now. It will get better but you need to put fourth the effort with him and stop ignoring him. God told me so

It hurts the mot when the person who made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.


It's funny how someone who was just a stranger last year, can mean so much to you now. It's sad how someone who meant so much to you last year, can be a stranger now. It's funny how things can change in a year!