Summer, in Picture

Who else spent their summers catching lightning bugs in Mason Jars with holes punched in the lid?

Country girl

Summer Glowbugs 11 x 14 art screen print. I cannot find the comment section anymore on pinterest

Ranunculus in an aqua jar

I love these.

Summer Sea

Like this (Plant Pot print - Kettle. A4 Art print. By Rob Mason)? Check out the Teapot Collection at the Newark Museum.

Sunflowers in a jar

The Line print (as in Mason-Dixon, y'all) from The Old Try

NeON FiREFLY MaSON JAR (5ft tall!!!)

Lightning bugs

Chicken Feeder Light with Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jar | eBay


mason jars covered with lace or twine and a candle inside

jar lights

Beachy green home office or dorm decor.

Great roundup of over 50 Mason jar craft DIY projects at

Mason jar ideas