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  • Karrisa John

    Let's go back to sending sweet letters (: <3 snailmail!

  • Kamari Brewer

    The Bucket List

  • Lacie Tryan

    i've sent a letter to a pen pal in elementary, but it was for a school thing. to experience letter writing to someone new could be life changing. this reminds me of the movie Dear John. i wish someone would send me love letters like that someday.. <3

  • Emily Grace


  • Rob Gould

    Try to email these...I will forever fight for the hand written letter, even if my friends think I'm strange because I buy stamps.

  • Amy Daniels

    remember when snail mail was the only way?

  • Lauren Miller

    old letters, especially love letters

  • Katy Orange

    handwritten letters

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week 4 #2 Dramatic tension that breaks allows Nora to tell Toravald exactly how she feels and to see how Torvald will never see and treat nora with respect .

Old letters... love the stamps! I have the love letters my Grandpa sent my Grandma from 1912

Isn't it always thrilling when you find a message/email from someone you haven't expected to hear from

love letters .. I LOVE love letters! I love words & the written word just GETS to me. When someone takes the time to write, it goes beyond a simple expression of thoughts into a different level of thoughtfulness, care, concern and love.

..One of the pleasures of reading old letters is the knowledge that they need no answer. ~Lord Byron

old post cards... I have two I just got from an antique stoe that posted in 1911 :) with handwritten notesr

romance - to write letters, on thick paper and keep the reply in a bundle

hand written letters. some things are still classier than a text.