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    Like skee ball with buttons! Last day math lesson?

    Jug Catch - One of my favorite things to do as a child, and my mom continued to do it with kids as a PE Teacher until she retired (2010). SUCH a fun and easy activity! (We used yarn balls.)

    Fiddle Sticks – Undoubtedly the BEST game ever!! I’m not exaggerating. Fiddle Sticks really is the best activity ever, especially for practicing skills such as sight word recognition and math facts

    I absolutely love this site!! Following directions, mathematics, dance and more. This is wonderful for kinesthetic learners!!

    Fun Activities to Interest Children

    Use this game and 18 others to teach team work

    Counting craft sticks

    Concentration with a sweet twist-- Adapt for SM -- keep correct pairs ; )

    A fun game to teach numbers

    Finger Twister Game - $4.99 - Availability: In stock $4.99

    Math Riddles - This would be a cute idea for Topic 14 Four-Digit Numbers. Students could create their own Mystery Number by giving clues about its place values. (Their is an 8 in the thousands place, etc.)

    Cool Games- Button Golf

    Use the story of The Lorax to inspire your students to plant a seed. After you read the story, decorate pots to look like the Lorax and plant flowers or other plants in them and use a science lesson to explain how the seed grows. At the end of the unit, your students have a fun craft to take home. ~Amanda Gray

    Toddler Activity - Game circus-circus

    Party games

    Sponge towers- cheap and QUIET:-) Lots of toddler approved crafts/games on this page.. I don't know why but when I saw this.. I thought it would be fun to put paint on these.. on a big piece of paper.. and when it fell it would leave a really cool design..

    Marble Tube 2 toilet paper tube craft

    Math About Me math craftivity Students define themselves using math.

    Teacher's Pet Displays » Maths Challenge Posters » FREE downloadable EYFS, KS1, KS2 classroom display and teaching aid resources » A Sparklebox alternative

    Luminous Learning Summer Math Boosters workbook contains 30 expertly crafted lessons to help students succeed and prepare for the next grade. Built-in supports such as visual aids, step-by-step directions, and clear examples guide students as they practice and master essential math skills. A great resource for students with learning disabilities!

    Sing or Dare singing time activity