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  • Angie Duncan

    Indoor pool, anyone?

  • Amanda Walker

    **inspiration for bathroom (APW) Hammam-e Vakil (the bath) in Shiraz, Iran (via Flickr)

  • Rebecca Vogel Pitts

    Places & Spaces

  • byCOCOON .com

    Most amazing spa's & retreats interior design #COCOON Dutch designer brand

  • Elizabeth Guthrie

    The bath, including sacred geometry at Hammam-e Vakil, Iran (by detengase)

  • Tash Chiew

    Hammam-e Vakil Bathhouse, Shiraz, Iran bathhouses and bathing as a strict religious practice: cleanliness and holiness - cleanliness as represented by white? purity? bath house ceilings containing similar architectural structures as mosques: star motifs that radiate from a central opening/focal point

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Hammam bathing house, Iran

The Vakil Mosque (Persian: مسجد وکیل ‎ - Masjed-e Vakil), Shiraz, Iran is a beautiful mosque built in mid 18th century by Karim Khan, Regent (Vakil)  and the founder of Zand Dynasty. The entrance gates as well as the interior of the mosque are decorated with coloured tiles in beautiful floral patterns.