Oxford, England

Christ Church, Oxford England (Hogwart's Dining Hall - I literally cried when I walked in)

Medieval Hertford College, Oxford

Alice's Shop, in Oxford, England. Oxford is home to Alice in Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll who wrote the famous story in here based on muse, Alice Liddell. Liddel used to frequent this shop when it was a grocery store to buy sweets and has now been turned into a gift shop. The shop is also represented in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass as The Old Sheep Shop.

Trevi Fountain - Rome, Italy... Makes you really hope your wish comes true

The Hobbits House in the Cotswolds was a sheep shed. Built without permission by a local artist, the sprawling construction took nearly ten years to build. Abandoned in the 1990s. See the Flickr website for more pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100221036@N06/sets/72157640687346085/ .

The Porcupine Pub - London, England

Cotswolds, England


The gravestone of J.R.R. Tolkien and his wife Edith, in Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford, UK. The names engraved under their own were chosen by John based on characters from his Middle-earth legendarium. Luthien was the most beautiful of the children of Iluvatar and forsook her immortality for her love of the mortal warrior Beren. John and Edith Tolkien were married for over 50 years. She was the Luthien to his Beren :)

Beatrix Potter purchased Hill Top in Near Sawry near Hawkwshead Village in 1905 w/ royalties from her first few books, written at her parents home in London, but inspired by her annual holiday visits to the Lake District.She visited as often as she could, but never for more than a few days at a time, sketching the house, garden, countryside & animals for her new books.She then busied herself writing more books, & visiting her farm. ~ We saw her little garden w/ a bunny like Peter in residenc...

Bodleian Library, Oxford

The Elephant House in Edinburgh where J.K. Rowling wrote! I love that there's a "Birthplace of Harry Potter" sign. :) I'm already perusing their menu to see what I'll have, even though I've no idea when I'll go...

Sherlock Homes Cafe in London Want to go there!

Coal Hole Pub, London, England

Oxford, England

Dusk, Oxford, England

Bath, England

Bristol, England

Edinburgh- Night shot.

Lewis Castle - Sussex, UK