black-wolves: Towers in the Fog (by Noah Markus)

somewhere in france

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Crossing ~ Skyscrapers ~ Amazing what signs are around if ya just take a moment...even in a crowded city...sometimes, and really anywhere, I suppose, all you may have to do is just look up!!!! :)

®oland | only in nyc.

This fog thing is insanely cool! I want this framed in my house one day too.

Skyscrapers in black and white, Resort 2012/13: Zoom

Manhattan BY Shigehiro Ono

Forced Perspective Photography is a technique which uses optical illusions for appearing objects closer,larger,away/near than they actually are.So, enjoy the beautiful Forced Perspective Photography that will certainly take your breaths away

air shafts and courtyards into hallways.

Random Awesome Pictures

This is honestly one of my favorite things about living in the city... the little pigeon gangs. Kalamazoo has class.

New York looks different through everyone’s eyes. More news about New York city here ! Plus d'actus sur la ville de New York ici !

The trend, called Rooftopping, has thousands of photographers climbing to the top of the world's tallest skyscrapers for an unrestricted, bird's-eye view of the street below.

cool perspective

courtyard clotheslines

29 Examples of One Point Perspective Black and White Photography

this is so different but awesome!