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  • Doria Brickley

    #UrbanOutfitters #Apparment #Games #hotels #great-looking #several #aquarium #hotel #classy #stylish #features #bowl #space #modular #fish #modern #square #glass #home #small #office Modular Fish Hotel Give your small fish a modern, stylish home with the Modular Fish Hotel, a classy aquarium that lets you stack to maximize space. Amass several Fish Hotels to create a great-looking fish condominium in your home or office. Features a square glass bowl sur

  • Elle Elizabeth-Lever

    Modular Fish Hotel $30.00 ( On Sale) #UrbanOutfitters. Awesome Fish House...

  • smcmaster

    Urban Outfitters Modular Fish Hotel: Give your small fish a modern place to call home this modular fish dwelling. No need to sacrifice style for your pets.

  • Aubrey Vinson

    Modular Fish Hotel, a stackable fish tank from Urban Outfitters. $40.

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If I were a #fish, I could live in this modular fish hotel. Great modern take on the fish #tank!

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

love the fish tank, relaxing ... I never think about having a fish tank in the bathroom. It could be nice! Maybe at least one of those betta fish things that hangs on the wall?

Kanye's bath inclusive of a 250-gallon tank filled with black moor and chocolate Organda goldfish. That's amazing and so is the chandelier!

shut up. i will own this. with teeny tiny fishies so it's not such a tiny bowl. i'm so proud of me for finding this all by my self. i didn't even re-pin it.

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just for giggles i would put the blades in there...yes after i dulled them so the lil fishy doesn't get hurt...accidentally...

Ho sempre desiderato un acquario come questo. Mi piace quello si tratta di un orologio anche