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    metallic oil-based sharpies + ceramic mug = lovely pen holder!

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    My sharpie mug!

    Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen on a porcelain mug

    DIY Tribal Print iPhone Case - Sharpie Craft Projects We Love #iphone #crafts #sharpie #markers #DIY Cool idea for @AnnieUhrick artwork.

    Monogrammed Mugs

    sharpies and wooden discs

    DIY sharpie mug: Sharpie + Dollar Store mugs + Bake at 350 for 30 mins = easiest personalization ever! For this one just put a sticker down, dot around it and remove. Great Holiday Gift!

    I've been looking into this Sharpie+mug+350 degrees craft and it looks as though many people have been experiencing fading or the colors coming off altogether. Therefore, I would like to share this blogger's page. She explains to the tee how she cooked her mug at 425 for 30 minutes and then left the mug to cool in the oven. The results: a permanent cup at last! Check this out!

    Stenciled mugs...

    sharpie on mug

    I absolutely love this Sharpie mug, and we only own 3 mugs so any new mugs would be nice to have lol.

    I quite like this mug

    The morning cup of coffee tastes just a little better when enjoyed from a cute, personalized mug.

    Unique His and Her Coffee Mugs, You're so beautiful Couple Coffee Mugs-BoldLoft, cute for Valentine gift...could also do a DIY version using paint pens for ceramics/glass or try the sharpie method

    Simple DIY gifts for the holidays. Markers and dollar store mugs!

    Dishwasher-Safe Sharpie Mugs: plain sharpies do not work... have to have oil-based sharpies!

    Idea for sharpie DIY Mugs- Note: They do have colored sharpies-Andrea Tachezy painted mugs

    Since I can't seem to find a set of dishes in a design I like. Why not make my own?! Cheap IKEA mugs + porcelain paint pen = custom mugs.

    sharpie mug ideas | The Resplendent | I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You for Always

    DIY Coffee Mugs = 4 dollar store mugs + sharpies + oven (350 for 30 mins)

    DIY sharpie mug