Boxers...they're cute and they've got your back.

Why dogs are the best of all things

I haven't seen him :/ This made me laugh so hard!!!

fainting goats, love them!!!

awww <3

He's smiling!

The first 7 seconds are absolutely HILLARIOUS!!!!!

No words are needed.

I totally love this!

7 Dogs who are bigger than their owners, Click the pic to see all... Great Dane Dog Photography Puppy Hounds Chiens Puppies German / Danish Mastiff wasn't us!


my kind of pup.

Ninja Turtles!


This tiny fawn making friends with a ginormous Great Dane. | 31 Pictures Of Baby Animals To Remind You The World Is Wonderful

So cute!

Double the mini, double the cute! Now if the second goat gives birth to a miniature miniature miniature goat, we're gonna need a magnifying glass to see it!