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  • Linnea Miner

    soo doing this. just put a towel over your face before the sand! I LAUGHED SO HARD! THIS IS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  • Jenae Curtis

    soo would not do this. Im too claustrophobic with this kind of stuff. But you just put a towel over your face before the sand! hahaha

  • Juliana Estrada

    LMFAO!! Yes we will take a picture like this on the beach!! ✔ Lose your Head ~ Bachelorette Bucket List. #bachelorette #idea

  • Makenna Klaiber

    Just put a towel over your face before the sand! Hahaha - such a funny picture! I will do this next time I go to the beach!!!

  • Kim Henley

    haha this would make a funny picture! Great idea for a photo or to freak people out. Towel over face before adding a little sand.

  • Jenni Jay

    So doing this wit tha best friend at the beach!<3

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Me when doing senior project hours at a Catholic Church. Since I am lds I am not used to catholic wedding traditions so when they do something I'm not used to, it surprises me therefore I kinda smirk. I feel so bad when I do that. Nothing against the other religion I swear.

That face you make… hate is a strong word but yeah there's some folks out there working my nerves in this be the face.

lets face it. we all just want to use the chalk

You've got a little something...there..

I don't know this family but I was basically the same way when my parents told me I would have a baby brother

I love the feeling of being on a beach, toes in the sand and the sun in the sky. Marisa Pennington Foster #choosetobemoreloving

I had to. This was hilarious

Like the time when that lady was giving a presentation at work and said the word PENATRATION 800 times.

I am gonna think about this every time cook eggs

I love their judging faces. Tom's looks like: "Quite frankly, I do not find that appealing.." And RDJ's looks like: "No. Just no."

HILARIOUS!!!! So many would not see the humor and say "I sure am".... Find the REAL humor and laugh too!

This is hilarious! Literally Perfection!!!