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    Agatha Christie

    Live anyway

    "...let the world run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind."


    I've pinned it before and I'll pin it again.

    Words to live by.

    Absolutley love this ❤️ finally there is a quote that puts all my thoughts into one simple quote.

    You just have to trust your own madness - Clive Barker. Ha! I do! I do! It just scares everyone else! ...and I kinda like it that way ;)

    This is beautiful

    I like the idea that you can be sad and hopeful at the same time. Things can get better.

    Sometimes You've Got To Be Able To Listen To Yourself And Be Okay With No One Else Understanding.

    Very true!

    Life could be different, society could change if we each stopped to consider the person next to us, the person we pass, the person who we judge as we walk by. Every one has a story, every one is dealing with something - something good, boring, horrific or delightful. Be kind. it flowed out through her eyes" (I may have pinned this before, but I am just so in love with this quote.)

    "If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."

    Love. Words to live by.

    By Christopher Poindexter


    mary oliver