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    The Strip | By Brian McFadden - Slide Show -

    • Gabriel London

      Oh yeah, this is way too truth-y, so I’m not sure the prison authorities will let it through. I sent it to Mark DeFriest today for his birthday. He’ll turn 52 behind bars (his 31st in prison), August 17, and he still loves to/needs to laugh. In fact, he refuses to stop and I’m always the one who can’t laugh about the shit he’s in. As he likes to say, “Fuck em, if they can’t take a joke.” Happy Birthday, Mark DeFriest.

    • Teresa Romani

      The Strip | By Brian McFadden - Amazing Live Prison People

    • Eastern State Penitentiary

      "Amazing Live Prison People" in The New York Times

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    The Strip | By Brian McFadden - Slide Show -

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