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Boston College High School played against Malden Catholic on Friday. Of 164 schools, BC High reported the highest number of head injuries sustained in extracurricular activities.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Hello Stranger On the Street, Could You Please Tell Me How to Take Care of My Baby?

Are parents harming kids by focusing on the wrong definition of success?

Nice little tribute to the joy of parenting.

College tuition scares me. But notice, the lack of comment on any engineering/software grads. If anyone is still buying consumer electronics when they are just barely scraping by, then there should be jobs in making consumer electronics and the related software, right?

Why caffeine is bad for your kids - On Parenting - The Washington Post. As those who know me know - I am the uncool Mom who doesn't allow soda or sports drinks (and coffee - are you crazy!?). Water, water, water!!! I can't say enough about how important it is for kids to get enough sleep - so many kids are sleep deprived and their behaviors reflect it. Giving them caffeine is not the solution.

Nice list of wishes for her child

Autistic son leaving the nest.

So glad none of my girls exhibit CU (callous-unemotional) - that would be frightening.

It's all about quality time

Yeah, I am kind of over the tooth fairy, anyway.