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  • Courtney Smith

    Hair hair hair! I love this waterfall braid. It has a nice flow affect to it. Think of it as a French braid a bit. Works with long, curly, short, (not too short) and straight it's perfect. Check out all my pins :()

  • Rossana Tello

    Lauren Conrad's one side braid. Think of it as a french braid, but you only add in new hair from one side (the top).

  • Molly Burke

    How to French Braid Hairstyle? | New Hair Styles |

  • Tanya Garcia

    Remember when Lauren’s go-to hairstyle was the bang braid? Well, lately this little lady’s had a new favorite. Check out this gem. It works on literally any hair type – short, long, curly, pin straight, anything! It’s so great for those mornings when you’re in a rush, but need something to pull your look together. Think of it as a french braid, but you only add in new hair from one side (the top). Follow these steps + be patient! You’ll get it… we like to part slightly off-center for t...

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How to Style Pinned Back Bangs via A Beautiful Mess

How to do a twisted ponytail // love this look! I love this, but my hair is so thick that I don't know if I could pin it back like in the third step, it always falls out really fast when I try to do similar things.

This looks like something that should be on a Barbie doll.. and yet I want it! - Update: Just found the source of this, Hair Flairs, temporary hair color rub. Updated the link.

Twisted Half Up Half Down Hair Tutorial; the curls at the bottom make all the difference!

this is how i wanted my hair for my cousins wedding!

Start this like a regular braid, but drop the top piece through to the bottom and leave it there. Gently twist the 2 pieces you’re left with upward. Add a new 3rd piece in between + drop it through. Twist again and repeat. Keep going until you get to the back. Tie it with a clear elastic, tuck the end under, and secure with a bobbypin.

just when i think I have seen every updo... I have to think again.