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Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all

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If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet. #Wisdom #Quotes #Thoughts

yep... tip the scales and that's it... all hell will break loose

Zodiac Libra Quote. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

Fun facts about your sign here...depends on other placements because one Libra I know creates the drama and lies too


Someone once said to me: "You should know they're not going to apologize first." And somehow, I ended up apologizing for things I didn't even do. And while I know this saying is so true, even if once I'm able to forgive, it gets added to my "never forget" list. I'm quite finished being a doormat and feel I am a much better person for it.

Do you need to forgive someone?

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Sadly, I've had to learn this a couple of times as an adult. One of the benefits ;) of always seeing the best in people is that I can be a wee bit too trusting! When In actuality there is less than a handful of people I should talk to about the deep stuff.

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Start each day with a grateful heart. 100% agree. Even though you may hate going to work, some people would love to be in your shoes right now, healthy enough to go to work. Be thankful!

I love pictures...because the best thing about them is that they never change, even when the people in them do.

Weak People Revenge... Strong People Forgive... Intelligent People IGNORE.

Sometimes it's the little things here and there that makes a home feel like a home. Don't get to caught up with what's stylish or what's in this season. ;)

When Life Kicks Your Ass. Positive Life Quotes To Live By. - Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

Best life Quotes to live by . Top 20 Quotes

Some of the Best Quotes about Strength

very true, but one has to be sure to measure forgiveness because some things you just can't undo...

Don't get confused between my personality & my attitude. #quotes

By this I should be one happy girl, I forget so quickly!

"Have you ever been accused of being fake simply because you were nice to someone you don't like or who doesn't like you? Why do some people expect us to be nice ONLY to the people who we like and the people who are nice to us? I guess it doesn't occur to them that some of us love ourselves enough to NOT spend our days holding grudges and drowning in negative thoughts and emotions. Any anger, resentment and grudges against others will also hurt us. It's that simple."

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