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♂ Aged with beauty feather pen with hand writing

Love old books ... great to decorate with, warms a room. Zeggen ze. Maar zo behandel ik ook oude boeken niet. Dit is mishandeling, met een decoratieve hoek af. Spijt me, maar ik vind dit dus helemaal niets!

I'm into writing fashionable, friendly and formal letters; and sending via the good old postal service. Also into old books.

Beautiful arrangement....wall art, old books and natural elements

HVÍTUR LAKKRÍS: Öppet i Mor Ágústas-garage lördag & söndag, 11-15. VÄLKOMNA!

I adore true, thought provoking, letters. A hand-written letter carries a sentimentality that could never be achieved through electronics. A true letter displays the writer's feelings and character. The edges are warn by the time spent composing, and they are adorned with the aroma of the sender. A true letter is the essence of true meaning.

Maybe drill them together, glue an owl to some old books, then spray paint the whole thing as a sculpture.

Old books, Rustic, Junk style, Junk elegance, flower, Shabby Chic, Kyoto Antiques HANAMIZUKI

Oh my Lord! This is so stinkin awesome! Finally something I can do with the books that were just a so-so read:)