Doing this!!! Love this idea! Take a picture of your family in winter/Christmas garb holding the letters "JOY" to add to your Christmas decorations. love it

I love this idea. Whoever thought of it is a genius. Use only 2-3 stocking hangers and a curtain rod so as your family grows you don't have to worry about finding hangers that match you old ones.


Good Idea

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt #FreePrintable #Christmas

Christmas SOCKING

Make your own cookbook - add your own family photos and recipes.

Thumb prints - how cute! What an inexpensive gift idea, yet so meaningful!

Christmas game (but you could modify it for any occasion really) looks super fun!

painted letters + wreath

Family pic when you can't all get together for one photo. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

Christmas Card Holder

Christmas wish list

Initials on the Christmas presents! Way cuter than those sticker tags.

DIY Christmas photobooth

Christmas decorations

Stove top Christmas scent! One batch stays good for weeks, you just add water and heat it on low whenever you want it (WILL BE MAKING THIS CHRISTMAS!) - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

Christmas Card saying what's going on in the families life in just a word or two.. BRILLIANT! a smart way to do the "brag" letter without being completely annoying.

If the runner was tartan ... It would be perfect!

Shadow box, vinyl lettering, jingle bells... Cute Christmas gift craft idea