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For the Love of Art: "3rd Grade Sea Turtles"  4/1/10.  This oil pastel/water color wash is stunning!  Looks like batik!

Oil pastel resist & watercolor with salt c/o the Love of Art: Grade: Sea Turtles

spring inspired tissue collages

Check out student artwork posted to Artsonia from the Grade Tissue Paper Flower Collage (Cacace) project gallery at Brunswick Acres Elementary School.

All of the Turtles that I shared here are examples of Aboriginal Art which is also called "Dot Painting". I will tell you more about that in my next…

From exhibit "Aboriginal Art, Grade 4 - eraser dots mosaic - each child assigned a different color like the fingerprints

Kids Art Activity: smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

This would be cute for spring time (April Showers) smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

smART Class: Watercolor Insects

Step by step how to paint cute dragonfly painting with colorful flower, watercolor insect with warm and cool colors. Great step by step instructions at elementaryartfun.

Ton Schulten Inspired Landscapes~black construction paper, glue, and chalk pastels.

Schulten Inspired Landscapes: black construction paper, chalk pastels, outlined with black Elmer's glue. After drawing simple landscape, divided a few times horizontally and at least once vertically.

For the Love of Art: 3rd Grade: Sea Turtles Great for link to study about sea turtles Gorgeous

Amazing Art Projects for all grade levels: Pastel art with a watercolour and salt wash, the ideas are endless. Also this site has lots of fun classroom art ideas.

Canvas Painting Ideas | blue ringed octapus

Folk Art Painting Octopus using layers of acrylic paint, inks, oil pens, gels. It's possible to achieve a similar look using water colors or tempera,with oil pastels and markers.

Nature lovers and budding scientists: watch this documentary on seat turtles, and then create your own colorful sea turtles.

Sea Turtles: A Movie and a Craft

Sea Turtles: A Movie and a Craft. Nice nature documentary for kids and then tie in with the art project. My son would love this!