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Ready for My Close-Up! - Stoli, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi | Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth

reminds me of the bunnies at Vala's Pumpkin Patch that my nephews just adored when hubby & I took them recently.

Somebunny's just a little shy. - Imgur

Just the emotion in this photo...I can't's like praying to not be turned into a coat for winter. #photography #bunny #cute

I just love Great Danes! They look simply cartoonish! and beautiful :)

"Light up your face with gladness, hide every trace of sadness....although a tear may be ever so near...that's the time you must keep trying"

I love bunny noses! And bunny everything.

I love bunnies with open mouths. This bunny has an open mouth AND wild hair. Double rainbow!!

Bunny Nose....I want to draw this cute face!