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St. Bernard puppy with a look that would melt anyone's heart. Look at his paws! Noooo; he won't get big; not at all. hehe.

I absolutely LOVE this dog!!! What kind of breed is it? here to find out more

Today I met a man who writes articles for the web - he had just finished and sold an article on buying kitten/puppy. I suggested he write an article on adoption in honor of Shelter adoption month. What will you do to help the animals this month?

The 5 smartest dog breeds | Breed#01 - Shelties have to be in the top 5 ; ) out next puppy later on

Chow chow or something like that xD no wait hold on... Totally forgot the name... Sharpei!!!!!!

you could get lost in those rolls

Being a kid who grew up with dalmatians...I love them and they are so precious as puppies!

Ancestry of Shar-Pei is uncertain. Pictures on pottery suggest the breed had existed as far back 206 BC. Maybe a descendant of the Chow Chow, a clear link between them is the purple tongue. Shar-Pei means sandy coat. They were used as multipurpose working dogs, believed that the wrinkles & black pigmented mouth would scare off any evil spirits. A Hong Kong businessman named Matgo Law got a few in an attempt to save the breed From those few dogs the Shar-Pei's rose in the US