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Shaman by Cristina McAllister - Shaman Digital Art - Shaman Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Shaman: #Shaman. Kjr: what does he know; what does he seek? Is he not a child of the one god? By what name does he call God? Does he have words in his language for cross, salvation, surrender?

Goddess Energy Work: understanding your guiding Goddesses and Deity realms, Goddess coaching, activation and attunement series

old shaman costume British Museum Andisu shamanism

We in the Western world use the word "shaman" for the ancient spiritual people from Mongolia and Siberia. They talk about Tengerism. Shamans are not to be worshipped, but shamans are merely respected as priests of Tengerism. In Tengerism, the world is alive full of spitits.

Reindeer shaman’s iron crown worn by the son of the shaman, Kellog Village 1976 I’ve found this photo in a fascinating article on Ket ...

Introduction to Native American Shamanism Course - Level I, Shamanism, Shaman Course, Native American Shamanism

PRIVILEGED PRIEST VERSED IN THE SORCERIES OF SHAMANISM Shamanism, a form of spirit-worship, said to be one of the oldest religions in the world, is still practised by some aboriginal races of Siberia. This strange object, with bits of iron, small bells, rusty nails, copper coins, and other metal rubbish dangling about him, and holding a weird drum, is a Shaman priest in ceremonial garb, ready to conduct intercourse with the supernatural powers