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Ben lost his mother shortly before the beginning of the story. He also finds out that his father is dead later in the story.

The healing is in finding a place for the love to go. Cooking, releasing balloons, remembering, crafting in memory of your loved one.

Studies are showing that the stress of living in poverty not only makes it harder to access healthcare when people get sick, but makes people sicker to begin with. “Prescribing” people bikes, safe housing or good food may not seem like medical care, but could it work to balance the toll of stress? Public health work at its finest!

Sometimes I wonder how this jibes with "the more things change, the more things stay the same?"

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Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself. Meditation Quotes | Meditation quote | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

How gently he loves... The one arms you run to for safety and protection.

"strength lies in differences, not in similarities" .. All Toronto Public Library staff are attending Diversity Training so this seems timely and true as well.

Adrienne Rich Quote #lying & The Biggest Lies I Tell Myself

Be mindful

Hard to do


No one wants to be a floor-mat. So quit getting walked all over, quit blaming others because you don't set boundaries for yourself.

The Four Part Apology; how to help your students learn to apologize.

10 Ways to Add Pinterest to Your Marketing Strategy (Infographic) -- Pinning can be a lot of fun, but do you also use any of these strategies to market your business, blog, or book?


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ignoring this sad reality won't change a thing.

true that

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