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    • Amy Carota

      color correcting photoshop tutorial

    • Grac Bro

      how to correct color in a photo using photoshop

    • Lizzie Lewis

      Photoshop color correcting tutorial

    • Siobhan Watts

      How to Colour Correct a Photo // Apartment Therapy

    • More Apartments247.com

      How To Color Correct a Photo Super Photo Magic School - Color is so big for us photographers. Color and light are our primary mediums in creating our picture. So, when a picture is off in color tones, for example too dark or yellow/pinkish, it can really affect how we view the photograph overall. There are a few simple steps in adjusting the color of your photos in Photoshop. Here are the start and finish results, before and after color correction, side by side. Quite a difference huh?!

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