• Erin Crum

    centerpieces idea - lighted wine bottles (or any kind of bottles). Can be done with battery-powered string lights for easy portability

  • Shawn Jones

    Holiday Centerpieces - FULL INSTRUCTIONS! See other pin "bottle of boos" for another wine bottle light idea!

  • Sherri G

    twinkle lights in bottles Wine Bottle Lights Recycle empty wine bottles into these chic decorative wine bottle lamps for your next cocktail party. Decorating a basement bar or rec room can cost a fortune. But use this fun idea for turning wine bottles into inexpensive art! First gather several empty wine bottles and corks. Wash the bottles inside and out with hot, soapy water. Any glue reside from the label can be removed with a penetrating oil spray like WD-40®. Make a simple wooden V-shaped fixture to hold the bottle while drilling. Wearing eye protection and work gloves, slowly and carefully drill a hole 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom of each bottle using a 1/2-in. drill bit designed for glass. Rinse bottle to remove any glass particles. If desired, use a clear sealant to cover any rough edges of glass. For each bottle, you need a single-plug strand of 20-25 lights. Feed the non-plug end into the drilled hole, leaving a length of cord extending from the opening. To make it easier to put the cork back into the bottle, drill an 1/8-in. hole lengthwise into each cork. Insert a cork into each bottle top. Note: If the glass has any defects, it may crack during drilling. So plan on having a few extra empty bottles on hand.

  • Sarah Franks

    Wine Bottle Lights. Recycle old wine bottles and use them as a centerpiece during the holidays by putting strands of christmas lights in them! So pretty

  • All American Christmas Co.

    Wine Bottle Lights, use no end connector Mini light strings to light up empty wine bottles #crafts #winebottles

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