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During his down time, the mascot for Western Kentucky University, Big Red, just wants to find love. Perhaps online dating can help him find a successful match...


When I find a valid reason…

Every time!

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21 Things That Probably Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Its gets funnier every time you watch it

Bleacher Reportfrom Bleacher Report

Ranking Best Tourney Mascots

i love him - no matter what anyone says, i think that big red is the best college mascot ever!

Online Dating Magazinefrom Online Dating Magazine

Funny Deodorant Online Dating Commercial

This is a funny deodorant commercial about an online dating couple meeting for the first time...

The Berryfrom The Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

They are awesome.

Insanely funny!!!! Oh please read all the comments...


College then and now…

Didn't even want to put this on my "Giggles" board, because it is actually quite depressing :P

Online Dating Magazinefrom Online Dating Magazine

Funny First Date Online Dating Video

This is a funny dating video where a gentleman arrives to pick up (and meet) his online date for the first time. He arrives all dressed up and with a flower in hand. The only problem is that when she opens the door, the man is thrown back, claiming that she looks nothing like her photo. This leaves her puzzled, because she just uploaded her photo a week ago. What is going on?

Online Dating Magazinefrom Online Dating Magazine

Krissy Poet Rants About Online Dating Usernames

Online Dating Magazine has embedded a video by Krissy Poet that makes light of some of the usernames that men select for their online dating profiles. Now we know that selecting a perfect username is hard to do sometimes, but comeon - "duckdynastyhomeboy"?

Online Dating Magazinefrom Online Dating Magazine

Ventriloquist and Dummy Talk Online Dating

Hadley and his handler decide to talk about online dating, something the dummy has experience with...