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    Incorrupt : St Rita of Cascia

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    12) St. Rita of Cascia aka Rita la Abogada de Impossibles: 1381-1447, Roccaporena – The daughter of parents known as “Peacemakers of Jesus”. She became a nun at 36, it was said the night prior to her death Holy Friday, the sign of stigmata by of the thornbush crown of the Crucifix happened upon her. Revered as the “patron saint of hopeless cases”, her body has been seen in different position & her eyes opened & closed within her glass case. Canonized May 24, 1900 by Pope Leo XIII (Mary Pages)

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"Do justice, God sees you." ~St. Veronica Guiliani, an incorruptible and stigmatic. Veronica died of a stroke caused by a brain hemorrhage at the age of 67. Her heart was examined after death and showed images of a cross, crown of thorns, and chalice. Examination also revealed a curvature of the right shoulder as if she had carried a heavy cross.

St Bernadette Soubirous; she is also an "incorruptible", meaning her body has not decayed after death

Female Saints of Catholic Church | In the convent, St. Rita's life was marked by great charity and severe ...

St-Rita-of-Cascia For centuries, St. Rita has been one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church. This is because of her own difficult life and for her help she has given to those passing through very difficult times. For this reason she is known as the “Saint of the impossible“.

St. Rita of Cascia...the saint of impossibles and infertility

I feel in some ways my daughter was a youthful martyr, she was close in age and appearance to this beautiful saint, and so my devotion began.