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19) St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli, 1857-1651 – Married by the age of 15 & a widow by the age 20, she took a vow of chastity and lived her life in that manner until she died. It was her honor “to serve God through the poor”, giving a portion of her wealth to charity. She founded the “Cento Signore della Misericordia Protettrici dei Pover di Gesu Cristo”. She died on December 15, 1651, Pope John Paul II blessed her on September 22, 1985. (The Holy See Francis, Pintrest)

The Catholic Church wants women to remain ignorant, to be "barefoot and pregnant" (to use a crude expression), and to shut up and sit down? Them's fighting words. Because they're lies, and they're stupid. St. Joan of Arc is not impressed, and frankly, neither are we. The Church herself is female, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against her.

St. Anna Maria Gesualda Antonia Taigi (b. 29 May 1769 - d. 9 June 1837) was an Italian woman who was beatified by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. In Trastevere, San Crisogono, I was able to see the incorrupt body of St. Anna Maria Taigi. She was a little bity thing but what a heart! It was wonderful seeing her incorrupt meeting an old friend in a strange city. She looked like she would just about sit up and talk...Patron Saint of mothers & housewives & victims of spousal abuse. YBH

Actual recent photo of St. John Vianney's incorrupt body, entombed at the main altar in the Basilica of Ars, France. His body has not yet decayed 154+ years after his death in 1859. St. John Vianney's incorrupt body is a phenomenon unexplained by modern science even to this day. This miraculous phenomenon not only pertains to St. John Vianney, but to many other Catholic Saints. Learn more incorrupt Saints, Beatified & Venerables in Joan Carroll Cruz's wonderful book The Incorruptibles…