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  • Ebony Bird

    androphilia: Monk at a monastery in Bhutan byFeije Riemersma | Portrait - Black and White - Photography

  • Pong Saton

    Photo of a monk in a Bhutan monastery taken by Feije.

  • Jamie Portwood

    what a sculptured face - Monk at a monastery in Bhutan by Feije Riemersma འབྲུག་ཡུལ་

  • Shannon Jones

    black clothing is the only way to go with black and white photography :) gorgeous

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Dear wedding photographer: I swore I would not tell you what to do. That said, an accurate but lovely recording of our faces would be Good for Posterity. And nice to have.

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Looking forward to FINALLY letting my hair grow out!

I've seen lots of beautiful things to pin onto my board but when I saw this, my heart stirred within me!

Old friends make demands on us. They force us to look back at our joint history with reminiscences that may have vanished from our minds. Virtual friends are more accommodating. More understanding. They accept us for what we are, not for what we were.

Monk at a monastery in Bhutan by Feije Riemersma

On one note, this woman is stunning. If I could look like anyone I would look like her. On another note, I would be privileged to have a character like her in one of my stories.

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