Vintage Crystal Ball on Pewter stand (most likely an antique candle stick, you could use any of your favorite candle sticks as your Ball Stand, Crystal would be nice, mine is an old dragon candle stick, the candle rested in his open mouth, now my crystal ball does!)

Divination: Amethyst #Crystal #Ball.

Glass “Witch” Ball - hang in an east facing window to protect the home and ward against detriment. Dating back to the 18th Century, hollow glass balls have been hung to ward off 'Black Magic` Legend has it that an evil spirit is attracted to these colorful balls, pulled inside, & trapped within the glass web protecting the home from harm

Giant Rock Crystal Ball on Vintage Deer Stand

clear quartz crystals are known to purify + cleanse energy - use them in your space to lift low vibes. #simpleshui

Black Scrying Mirror

American perfume bottle c1900 with fancy cut crystal and silver stand and cap.

emerald crystal balls | 110mm Emerald Green Crystal Ball

White Selenite crystal ball ... or the polish moon

Crystal Wand... Beautiful......WHO makes these awesome wands??? Would love to know how to make one myself , DIY, but need some instruction help..........

Crystal ball

Beautiful Little Vintage Perfume Bottle with by TheJewelMystique, $40.00

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies


Kraken Vase - Peweter Finish By: Dellamorte & Co. -Sculpture of an octopus vase, cast in resin and hand painted. -8" tall A unique handmade gift for the dark soul in your life. Due to the handmade nature of these items, they are made to order and may take slightly longer then other ite...

The Witch's Charm Box by MoveWithTheMoon on Etsy -- this is awesome! I made mine out of an old wooden European sewing box with hinged drawers that opened out on both sides like this center drawer does.

Vintage gum ball machine made by KEMACO, the Kelley Manufacturing Company in 1904.

Crystal Ball

Opium soy candle by Witch City Wicks: Fine mellow tobacco with a hint of cherrywood infused with an exotic blend of earthy resins found in Dragon's Blood. The "Curiosities" collection label art work is inspired by modern curiosities and nature. 10% off with promo code PIN10

Crystal ball