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Jerome Bonaparte Patterson (grandson of Napoleon's brother and his jilted, American wife)

Napoleon Bonaparte - son of Corsica

Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860) was Napoleons youngest brother. He served in the navy and on a trip to the United States met Elizabeth Patterson and married her in 1803. However, since Jerome was a minor Napoleon didn't recognize the marriage. In 1807, Napoleon had his brother matched with Catherine of Württemberg and the two were married. Jerome became king of Westphalia from 1807- 1813 and fought in the Russian campaign.

Jerome Bonaparte (LOC) by The Library of Congress, via Flickr

Charles Joseph Bonaparte. The youngest grandson of Jerome Bonaparte, Napoleon's youngest brother

Prince Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, ca 1860

Prince George of Greece and Denmark with his wife, the former Princess Marie Bonaparte

Tomb of Betsy Bonaparte in Baltimore reads: "Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, daughter of William Patterson and wife of Jerome Bonaparte. Born February 6th, 1785. Died April 4th, 1879. AFTER LIFE'S FITFUL FEVER SHE SLEEPS WELL"

Eugenia Laetitia Bonaparte (1872-1949), was the daughter of Zenaide and Napoleon-Charles Bonaparte; and the great granddaughter of Laetizia Ramolini Bonapart, Napoleon's mother. Her grandfathers were Napoleon's brothers Joseph and Lucien. She married Napoleon Leon Ney, Prince of Moscowa, son of Napoleon's Marshal Ney and divorced him 5 years later. She had no children.