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Rendezvous Trade Goods~Vermillion was a type of pigment & was widely prized by the Indians. Beads, brass rings & bracelets were imported EXCLUSEVELY for the Indian Trade. Knives, blankets, copper & tin kettles, lead, gunpowder & food were traded to both trappers & Indians. WHISKEY was a Very Popular Trade Item at Rendezvous, Traded by the FUR COMPANIES like Hudson Bay of course, the Trapper Lived for the Yearly Rendezvous, & would go out to do it again for next year!

Hudson Bay Trade Silver Gorget Necklace, Hudson Bay Touch marks, Three Trade Crosses, would have been traded to the indians for FURS, or Safe Passage to Hunt/Trap their Lands, Cruickshank | eBay

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Strand of 34 “Hudson Bay” Antique Glass~Red/Yellow interior & Catalinite Fur Trade Beads – No Reserve | eBay

Much of the tobacco in the fur trade was sold in rope from by the foot | Museum of the Fur Trade

"Runners of the woods" was a French-Canadian who traveled in New France and the northern interior. In the early fur trade era this meant circumventing the normal channels by going deeper into the wilderness to trade. Later it involved trading without permission from the French authorities. They ventured into hostile Iroquois territory to trade various European items for furs, especially beaver pelts, and learned the trades and practices of the Native people who lived there.

"DUPONT" was often the term used by trappers for gunpowder since it was the DuPont Co. that supplied most of the gun powder in the American trade. Museum of the Fur Trade. [Many Hivernant hunters & trappers from the British Northwest traded south at AFC trading posts along the upper Missouri River. Many would be familiar with this brand of powder. JE]