Trapper/mountain man's dinnerware was simple, a kettle for cooking, a plate, tin cup, a spoon and the ever present Butcher Knife. Some did away with the spoon & Simply Ate off of the Butcher Knife.

A Beginner's Guide to Hunting Morel Mushrooms | Field & Stream

Curved styles of primitive fish hooks can be carved from bone, antler, shell, or wood.

A portrait of William Lee "Bill" Golden, who is one of the world-renowned Country Western singing group "The Oak Ridge Boys". William Lee is an avid history buff, especially the American Mountain Man and fur trade rendezvous era and he and the artist, David Wright, have camped together at primitive Tipi rendezvous.

1830's Shooting Bag and accoutrements....

Woodsman's Delux Trade Flint & Steel Kit / Mountain Man / Fur Trade / *NEW*

How to Carve a BushCraft Wooden Spoon: Step by Step

From left to right. Coffee pouch,fire kit pouch with C shaped steel,tinder pouch,hobo fishing kit,fire kit bag,whittling knife and sheath that contains a steel awl and bone needle. Next row. Kuksa & spoon,ferro rod with laburnum handle,ferro rod with denim micarta,Sammi antler sewing kit,Bushcraft knife & sheath with compass embedded is birch wood. And finally. A leather strop and Leather belt with a forged buckle.

possible bag

How to make a bow and arrow

Norwegian Fire Knife Super-tough triple-laminated stainless steel Double-stitch snap-style leather sheath

Mountain Man Boot Moccasins | Scout Boot with Knife Sheath and fringe

Museum of the Mountain Man

Various fire starting & tinder materials

We're going to make one of these soon so we can camp in the primitive camp areas at Mountain Man Rendezvous...Diamond Shelter

Tomahawks - these are nice. As is the little knife.


Mountain Man Clothing | Mountain man gear - Pinedale Online News, Wyoming

1740-1770's Colonial by snowshoemen, via Flickr - Shoulder belt w/hatchet+hunting knife--Linen pack+bedroll--Wool covered metal canteen. All worn over right shoulder.

How To Make A Mountain Man Fur Hat, hunting, homesteading, project, make a fur hat, mountain man hat,