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What does it Really Take to be a Family Man? A Family man . . . 1) Loves His wife as his first priority. For building security, stability, and trust, there is no substitute for Dad loving Mom and being fiercely faithful to her. For the true family man, mom comes first and the kids come second. "What does is Really Take to be a Family Man?"

Is it possible to be too zealous for spiritual things and miss the Priority God Has for you as a spouse? Absolutely! "Having a Cherished Wife is the Only Option for a Christian Man"

100 Love Quotes For Him |

I think this is so worth it. Sometimes we get on our men for not doing the little things when the truth is we do too. What better way to start than through text :-)

12 Days Of Christmas for your spouse!

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Dear open letter to our men

Should You Have Sex with Your Hubby--even if you don't feel like it?

Our wives never stop wanting to be the object of our desire, no matter how many years have passed. "Is Romance on the Schedule?" Subscribe Today and get your FREE digital BOOK sent directly to your inbox.

Why I Choose to Respect My Husband Even When He Doesn't Deserve It!

Snoopy. Aw, what a sweetheart. And for my husband, since I call him "Snoopy.)❤

How to Serve Your Spouse

When we don’t listen to our wives, here are 4 things that often happen. #marriageadvice #listen #familyfirst

103 words of affirmation

A FREE printable of over a hundred different ways to let your man know how much you appreciate and admire him. 103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear

Enjoy Loving Quotes

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A Round Up of great Christian Marriage blogs for Men

Encouragement for marriage.

Six Ways to Build Up Your Husband | Time-Warp Wife

148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples...148 date night ideas! Love them! #romance #married #datenight

A whole year of dates that can be done at-home, after you put the kids to bed. Most are free or low cost!

it's not that hard boys.

50 Fall Date Ideas- ummm... how can I fit ALL of these in before fall is over? Cuz I love them all!