so cute!

my dream hair


Side braid with long fringe #hair #brunette

The only no heat-hair curling tutorial that works for me! Two twists gave me lots of little tiny curls. I tried again, pulling all of my hair back into one big twist instead of two, and it worked much better. I didn't even have to touch it up and it lasted all day. Finally!


Beautiful long wavy hair... I want my hair this long

long hairstyle

sometimes i wish i was a blonde..but only if my hair looked this and if i could pull off the bow

bows bows bows..

im in love with this color...idk if i'm bold enough to do it though.... the more i see this the more i love it!

Why can't my hair do this? Mine is not quite that long, but I love these loose curls with the #hairstyle #Hair Style #girl hairstyle|

long long hair



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Simple and cute pulled up look

such a pretty color, and simple style. two bobby pins, a little back combing and you're away <3

hairstyle . braid . bun . messy