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    A Prayer for Exhausted Parents: It's Playtime

    I’ve been SO exhausted this week that I didn’t even manage to post the It’s Playtime link up on time, let alone chose any of the wonderful posts to feature! So now that I’m managing it, it seems very appropriate to attach this wonderful poem or prayer for tired parents! I’ve posted this on my...Read...
    • Jan Mayo

      Probably one of my favourite kids sites for creativity - lots of links to other sites - The Imagination Tree: A Poem/ Prayer for Exhausted Parents! Just the tonic at the end of yet another exhausting day with little ones!

    • Tamara Ryan

      Prayer for being a mother

    • Sheena Olson

      Beautiful inspirational quote for parenting: "Give me patience when little hands tug at me with ceaseless, small demands..." / Colleen at

    • Amber Falke Burnett

      The Imagination Tree: A Poem/ Prayer for Exhausted Parents! Just the tonic at the end of yet another exhausting day with little ones! ~ I so need to remember this

    • Valerie Jones

      Wise words of prayer

    • Danielle Caliva

      A need this daily reminder!

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