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Cutting Board

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  • Nancy D-M

    A smart idea that need not have an official trash bin drawer (though that is handy if you are redoing your cabinets anyway.) Set up a sturdy drawer with a carefully sized cutting board (make sure it is secured to avoid accidents.) Place your compost bin or trash basket underneath the cutout--even a short drawer below would work for a compost bowl or bucket and then both can be easily closed.

  • Melissa Heinis

    Pull-out cutting board and rubbish bin. An ingenious kitchen idea!

  • BC Gal

    Cutting board with hole over compost bin = great idea.

  • Jacqui Moris-Fontes

    hidden waste / cutting board - I like this idea but I'm not sure I like my chopping board bring stored above my rubbish bin

  • Krista Favela

    Pull-out cutting board and trash can. - Great idea for next house

  • woon Ng

    pull out cutting board over trash can, good idea

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cutting board drawer over trash can... I need this in my future home

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Cutting board that weighs! very, very cool!! yes please!

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