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Black Swan--dancer of The Dark...Digressing into dangerous depths...Will she rescue herself from drowning, or sink further into the depths of darkness?

Guardian angel Angels are always listening, talk to them and let them know the needs of your heart.

Angel's Kiss: Your angel gathers light in your world The music in her voice, embrace Of your lonely dream-world To put a smile on your face. Her eyes and smiles Are full of sunshine and heavenly She is from the imaginable scared isles Hold her close to your heart, and she will protect it dearly. Wrap your arms around her Stare into her unbeing eyes Two hearts beat faster Time dies... The Aura around is bliss Lean in for a divine kiss. © Luisa Gonzalez

Original oil ANGEL PALETTE KNiFE painting modern by Karensfineart via etsy

Rainbow Angel of Light, Repinned by An Angel's Touch, LLC, d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co., Denver's Property Cleaning Specialists!

Steven Petro 12-29-2003, "I Can Only Imagine" "You Look Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton. You are missed, always in my heart.

Angels come to help and guide us in as many guises as there are people who need their assistance. Sometimes we see their ethereal, heavenly shadow, bright with light and radiance. Sometimes we only feel their nearness or hear their whisper. And sometimes they look no different from ourselves. - Eileen Elias Freeman

On the Wings of Angels our hearts rise up as we embrace the serenity of miracles coming to us with open hearts we receive. Grace surrounds us, now...

The Angel of the Birds 1910 Franz Dvorak