• Lauren Toler

    Super fun and seriously silly! Dancing video

  • The NED Show

    BRAIN BREAK Video! A great way to chase away the wiggles! {"Third graders LOVE this. I use it for when we have been sitting a little too long and need a brain break. Super fun and seriously silly!"}

  • Kelly Schultz

    Ants in Your Pants #99 - Cool Tunes for Kids by Eric Herman BRAIN BREAK video

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Encourage your children printable- really want to remember this over the summer!! Great for the fridge!

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Have you heard of GoNoodle Brain Breaks? You MUST check it out!! Learn more at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom!

Behavior BINGO. setting this up THIS WEEK! Large 100 chart for the classroom, class rewards when they get BINGO. Earn 1 sticker for perfect class attendance and no tardies, or for good behavior in the hallway, etc. 2 stickers for a compliment, etc. Teacher keeps # 1-100 in a bucket and draws out when they earn a sticker, so they never know which numbers will be covered yet.

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Students work too fast? Give them this.

Tag-Team Drawings- Each person gets 1 color marker and 30 sec. to draw. The drawing gets passed on and each person gets 30 sec. to add to the new drawing in front of them, etc. The perfect rainy day activity!

An Educator's Life: Rewards Made Easy- kids earn tiles to spell out words. The first word they spell is the prize they win! Works like a charm! Font link and my experience in post!

Classroom Management Apps

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Awesome idea to show you "like" a student's answer, etc.

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Pandora in the Classroom

When your class is quiet...the balls are still. Love it.

SET CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS using this "How are we learning?" chart. Use these headings: independent, partners, teams, whole class, and AIH (Academic Intervention Hour), or create your own!

Ladybug's Teacher Files: The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!)