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Taiwanese artist Joe from the bicycle brand "Sense 30" decorated his La Sardina DIY using 3D stamps.

Countless La Sardina designs have reached our analogue shores, but there’s room for more and we’d like to know what designs you can come up with! With the La Sardina DIY Edition, you can take full control of how you want this little sardine can camera can look. It comes with screws to take the camera apart and transparent panels to protect your artwork.

The founders of the fashion brand Daydream Nation wrapped their La Sardina DIY in a semi-transparent fabric. Hands up or I'll shoot!

After coming back from a trip to Nepal, singer Ekee was so impressed by colofully decorated Nepalese vans that she took over the concept for her La Sardina DIY.

Mandycat loves cats - her professional name already proves that. Her design of the La Sardina DIY shows her love for cats as well.